BIM tools for structural engineers, detailers and fabricators

Design, detail, analyse and document structural systems quickly and effectively.

Image courtesy of BNIM


Key capabilities of Revit for structural engineering

Concrete reinforcement

Model 3D concrete reinforcement in an advanced BIM environment. Create detailed reinforcement designs and shop drawing documentation with rebar bending schedules.

Design-to-detail workflows

Connect steel design and detailing workflows. Define design intent for a higher level of detail for steel connections in the Revit model.


Create more accurate, detailed documentation of steel and concrete designs.


Conduct structural analyses and export to analysis and design applications with the analytical model while you create the physical model in Revit.


See how Revit works with other Autodesk software.

Complete structural engineering workflows

Design, analyse and detail concrete and steel structures with Revit, Robot Structural Analysis Professional and Advance Steel.

Revit + Advance Steel

Connect Revit models to Advance Steel with the free Advance Steel extension. Transfer the model’s BIM data to LOD350 for Structural Steel.

Revit + Precast Extension for Revit

Connect design to fabrication for concrete structures.