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Maya 2018, Maya 2016 and Maya 2015

See how the features of Maya 2018 compare to preceding versions of the software.

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Motion Graphics toolset    

3D Type

Improved vector graphics workflow

Parallel rig evaluation

Delta Mush deformer

Geodesic voxel binding

Grease pencil

ATOM animation transfer

General animation tools

Character creation

Reusable animation

Camera sequencer

Sculpting toolset

Streamlined retopology toolset

Enhanced polygon modelling

OpenSubdiv support

Enhanced UV toolset

Polygon, subdivision mesh, surface modelling

UVs, normal and colour-per-vertex

Enhanced Shape Authoring workflows    

Adaptive foam in Bifrost

XGen enhancements (ease of use, speed)

Guided simulation in Bifrost

Adaptive Aero solver in Bifrost

Bifrost procedural effects platform

XGen Arbitrary Primitive Generator

Enhanced Bullet Physics

Maya nHair

Maya nParticles

Maya nCloth

Maya Fluid Effects

Rigid and soft-body dynamics

Maya Fur

New Motion Graphics toolset    

Colour Management enhancements

Colour Management


Ptex support in mental ray

Integrated renderers

Next-gen viewport display and shading    

Rendering, shading and camera features

Maya Paint Effects

3D Paint and Artisan

Toon Shader

Maya Composite

Professional camera tracking

Render Setup    

Advanced file handling

Alembic caching

Single-step suites interoperability

Data and scene management tools

Scripting and API