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What Maya users are saying

See how customers use Maya 3D animation, modelling, simulation and rendering software.

Kung Fury and Fido: The untold story

Swedish VFX house Fido worked with director David Sandberg to transform his viral, crowd-funded project into an award-nominated short film. Keys to Fido's success? Creativity, passion and the ability to scale with Autodesk subscription.

“I think we doubled the amount [of Maya licences] in a short period of time, which was a great way of not stopping the project or stopping the process.” - Claes Dietmann, Executive Producer

View video (4.01 min.)

The story of Milk VFX, episode 1: About Milk

Find out what makes this London-based VFX company unique and why it prefers to remain a boutique studio.

“Our clients tell us all the time that they want us to ‘Make It Look Cool,' but Milk with a ‘c' would look stupid. So we went with ‘MILK.' It's good for you. It's organic. It's fresh.” - Will Cohen, CEO and Executive Producer

View video (2.58 min.)

The story of Milk VFX, episode 2: Creative Milk

The Milk team won, in its first year in business, a British Academy Television Craft Award for its work on “The Day of the Doctor,” a special episode of the British science fiction TV show Doctor Who.

“All of our artists, in some form or another, know Maya and use Maya. … So if someone's stuck or someone's got some knowledge that another person has not, we can share information very easily.” - Dom Alderson, Lead Lighting and Lookdev Artist

View video (2.37 min.)

The story of Milk VFX, episode 3: A day in the life

Go along for the ride in a “day in the life” of a Maya artist at Milk in London.

View video (1.19 min.)

Moonbot Studios: Using Maya and Shotgun to tell stories and stay nimble

Based in Shreveport, Louisiana, this small but mighty studio is responsible for the Oscar-winning short film “The Fantastic Flying Books of Morris Lessmore.” It uses only the best tools and the most fitting mediums to tell its clients's magical, immersive stories. This is Moonbot's story.

“Moonbot Studios is this shooting star of a collection of people that came together to make cool stuff.” - Bohdon Sayre, CTO

View video (2.37 min.)

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