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Explore shared packages in Design Collaboration module before accepting them into your team’s space to understand how new design information will impact your team’s work in progress. Navigate the aggregated project model by team, phase or building level, toggling to review added, deleted or modified elements in the last round of changes.

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Change visualisation Benefits of using BIM 360 for change visualisation

Better understand incoming changes in context. Visualising changes between design versions in packages and work-in-progress designs helps reduce miscommunication, rework and downstream delays.

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Understand new design data

Thoroughly understand updates made by other teams between each change round

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Identify what's changed

Clearly identify added, modified or deleted elements in the model

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Flexible filtering

Simply filter and search for changes by type, name, level or category to save time

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Change visualisation workflow View the key tasks below to see how BIM 360 can support your change visualisation process

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Key features The key features for change visualisation

BIM 360 supports change visualisation features that enable individual and team collaborators to see how concurrent design updates might affect ongoing work.

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