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The construction quality problems that cost the most are the ones that you miss. Standardise on a proactive QA/QC process with construction quality management software that enables the whole team to participate in quality inspections from mobile devices.

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The benefits of construction quality management software Proactive quality control in construction

With a proactive construction quality control plan, you’ll gain visibility into all project issues and resolve them earlier. As a result, you’ll reduce rework and stay on schedule.


Mobile quality inspections

Mobile access to quality checklists and issue creation keeps everyone involved and able to perform quality inspections and report problems in real time.

Standardise quality checklists

Customisable quality checklist templates and tracking through dashboards and reports provide a company-wide view of project issues, helping you make more informed decisions.

Quality issue resolution

Gain instant visibility into quality issues and the ability to resolve them before they turn into costly rework.

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