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Uploading and sharing project files are the first steps in establishing a successful document management process for your project. Maximise the benefits of cloud-based file sharing with a foundation of a standardised workflow, providing a streamlined process for distributing and sharing drawings and documents.

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Document control Benefits of using BIM 360 for document distribution

Manage and control the sharing and access of drawings, models and documents.

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Automate publishing tasks

Publish sheets, models and documents with automatic file splitting and naming.

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Define attributes for search

Capture drawing attributes with title block OCR and add custom attributes.

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Control distribution

Control access to information with permission settings by user, role and company.

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Document distribution workflow Get the right information to the right people using BIM 360 for document distribution workflows

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Key features Publish and control the distribution of construction documents with BIM 360

Access core capabilities for publishing, controlling, managing and sharing information.

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