Features Analytics and Prediction

Predict, prevent and manage risk with instant visibility into daily priorities, a snapshot of individual project health, as well as insights into company-wide performance across projects. Construction IQ and data analytics brings actionable insight to the job site every day, right from BIM 360.

Key Benefits

  • Identify and prioritise high risk issues
  • View and address at-risk subcontractors
  • Real-time, personalised project snapshot
  • Understand patterns across project portfolio

Construction IQ

Built-in machine learning and AI functionality that permeates across BIM 360 to identify high risk issues that impact cost, schedule, quality and safety.

Project Home

Personalised snapshot of a real-time “to do” list and data from other available sources including BIM 360 dashboards, Construction IQ and 3rd party partner applications.

Card Library

Create customised views of project data relevant to individual needs with a selection of dashboard cards. In addition to displaying data generated through BIM 360 itself, cards are also available to showcase data from partner applications.

Partner Cards

Surface data from a growing list of third-party applications and deliver this combined information through Project Home and Dashboards to provide a single view into all of your project information.

Quality Risk

Instantly see which projects have risk and get an overview of quality risk patterns across projects, including subcontractor performance.

Safety Risk

Help safety managers understand leading indicators of potential behavioural and environmental hazards and take proactive measure before serious incidents happen.

Design Risk

Leverage Construction IQ to predict and prevent costly design issues relating to code compliance, building components or document errors as well as view any overdue design issues or reviews.

Company-wide Performance

View company-wide performance data across multiple projects to make more informed business decisions and gain visibility into overall risk assessment for current as well as future projects.

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